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Exotic Roots: Staalduinen Suppliers

Ecuador greenhousesA young boy, centuries ago, walked many miles over many days in search of a rare and beautiful flower, a gift to give his Mother. When he returned with his special gift, his Mother was struck by the flower's delicate beauty, as perfect and as fragrant as the day it was first found. And although she was grateful for such a fine gift, she scolded her son for having traveled so far and for so long to retrieve it. The little boy responded "but Mother, my journey is part of the gift."

Ecuador FlowersStaalduinen beauty comes from a similar journey to lands where you'll find clear, crystalline waters, the purest air, and some of the most fertile soils in the world. From lush regions in Ecuador, Staalduinen Floral Ltd. travels to hand select flowers of the highest quality. Staalduinen quality means that all floral products make their way to Canada with such speed and care they arrive as delicate and as fresh as when they are first selected. And, like the story above, the sacrifices made to bring these precious varieties only enhance their raw and natural beauty.

For over 50 years Staalduinen Floral Ltd. has worked to acquire suppliers who are reputable producers with a proven track record. Our suppliers consistently supply high quality products. Staalduinen suppliers always supply the freshest product available and are able to meet our volume requirements for peak periods.

Staalduinen imports from around the world, providing Canadians with superior floral varieties, each imported from its native region. When it comes to optimal growth conditions no distance can be too great or take too long, for much of Staalduinen's beauty is also found in the journey.

Ecuadorian SprayerThe Republic of Ecuador is located on the Northwestern coast of South America in the heart of the tropics. Sandwiched between the countries of Peru and Columbia, Ecuador boasts first class growth conditions for producing the world's most perfect roses. It is Ecuador's unique altitude that provides the ideal temperatures for flower cultivation. From plentiful moisture and humidity in the low lands, to coastal temperatures between 25-40 degrees Celsius, to year-round spring weather in the high Sierra, Ecuador's terrain is as diverse as the floral varieties that can be found there.

Nestled by the foot of the snow-capped volcano Pichincha lies Quito, Ecuador's capital named after the peaceful Quitu Indians. Quito was initially an Inca city before Spanish conquistadors devastated it in the late 1400s. South of Quito stretches the tropical Avenue of the Volcanoes. The Avenue is edged with two parallel mountain ranges, the Andean Mountains, containing the country's highest peaks, and Ecuador's most breathtaking scenery. It is from these exotic lands that Staalduinen's elite group of growers tend the finest flowers and then direct them to you.

Quito, Ecuador