Staalduinen Floral Limited
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Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 0H7

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Packing & Shipping

In our temperature controlled packing area staff members carefully pack the orders, confirming and reconfirming for accuracy. Orders that are to be shipped overnight are foam lined to ensure maximum protection for outside temperatures and returned to cold storage where they await direct shipment. At no time will your order ever be exposed to non-regulated temperatures.

 Another important feature found at this stage is the under water cutting machinery, where all cut flowers that arrive dry are automatically cut under water, free from bacteria. This is a crucial step in the hydration of cut flowers and to increase plant longevity.

 In the warehouse, Staalduinen's local route sales trucks awaiting replenishment for the day. These delivery vehicles provide a daily "Staalduinen store at your door" service for our retail florist customers in Toronto, Kitchener, Hamilton and the Niagara area.

Completed flower orders, along with cartons of glassware, foam, ribbons, toys and other order items, are delivered in properly maintained, refrigerated vehicles. All Staalduinen drivers are skilled in safe driving techniques and are well aware of which flower varieties are most sensitive to transport.

 From the time our flowers are deemed ready to cut until the moment they arrive safely at your door Staalduinen Growers Ltd. maintains the best conditions for quality and freshness. Since all flower handling, classification, pre-treatments, packing, and transport is conducted on-site under very strict temperature regulations, we are able to save time and provide products with a far greater life expectancy than other suppliers.


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